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What is your packing plan?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

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Let's face it. There is nothing enjoyable about preparing to move. It is a daunting task even if you are looking forward to a new home, a new town, or even clearing your life of clutter as you pack. If you do not have a full-service professional moving company coming to your home to take care of you, you may think collecting boxes around town to save money is a good idea. Some people also consider ordering cardboard moving packages online. Sounds like a potential plan, right?

  • Want free cardboard boxes? It usually takes you stopping in the store in person to get those boxes. The store may have ten appropriately sized, clean boxes worth taking home if you're lucky. Let's hope your vehicle has plenty of space as well! If not, dropping those off to move on to the next store takes more time and gas. Let's also not forget cardboard also absorbs plenty of dirt, bacteria, and other things you do not want to introduce to your personal belongings.

  • Are you thinking of ordering a cardboard moving package online? It seems like a better idea, right? Did you factor in the assembly time and packing tape? An average roll of tape will run $4-6 and will seal ten large boxes per roll. The average household move takes 50 boxes. Our customers save both time and money by skipping this idea. On average, our customers save up to 30% of the cost of cardboard boxes and packing supplies from online retailers.

  • What if your cardboard plan gets foiled? Let's hope it doesn't rain during your move. Let's hope your breakable coffee cups don't get placed below the box of dusty books you've had since high school. Our BlueCow Boxes™ stack six high and are durable – they won't crush or tear, and they are water-resistant. Feel free to throw that mattress on top of those six boxes! Using our boxes saves up to 35% more space in a standard-sized moving truck. Save money by renting a smaller truck. Movers can help you estimate your needs after packing and knowing your total box load. They love BlueCow Boxes™, too, since it makes loading and unloading easy on them.

BlueCow Boxes™ keeps more money in your pocket while saving you all the time it takes to hunt down, assemble, and break down those same boxes. Our team is ready to help you create your plan. We will deliver those boxes to your doorstep and pick them up at your new home. It's just that simple!

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