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  • Cara Baldwin

Six Reasons To Say "No" To Cardboard & "Yes" To Plastic Moving Boxes

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

1. It's Simple

There's no need to assemble BlueCow Boxes™. Plastic moving boxes come pre-constructed, ready for you to fill; no folding or taping required. This can save you hours of work for a large move. No tape. No trash. No mess. It's that simple.

2. They're Stackable

Movers love us. Reusable plastic moving boxes are designed to fit neatly together, making it easier to move large numbers of them and save space in your moving vehicles. This also assists in maintaining their structural integrity when stacked.

3. More Durable

BlueCow Boxes™ are constructed of industrial-strength plastic and are much tougher than cardboard. That means they'll have a safer trip as they rumble and bounce through the streets to your new home or office, and even better, they won't collapse while you carry them by hand. This feature is essential for large moves such as offices and businesses.

4. They're Rentable & Returnable

BlueCow Boxes™ will deliver your moving boxes right to your door and then pick them back up at your new residence or place of business when you are all done. No more dumpster-diving and hunting for used cardboard boxes; who would want to bring the dust, dirt, and bugs from used boxes into your home anyway? The best part of plastic moving boxes is that you don't have to figure out what to do with stacks of cardboard once your move is done.

5. Reuse vs. Recycle

Whether or not you are into the whole "green" thing is your choice, but the environment appreciates that you can use plastic moving boxes repeatedly as many as 400 times. Sure, you can recycle cardboard, and we encourage you to do so, but we recommend "reuse vs. recycle" whenever possible. Because BlueCow Boxes™ are eco-friendly, we like to say that "Blue is the new Green."

6. Cheaper Than Cardboard

If we still haven't given you enough reasons to use plastic moving boxes vs. cardboard, then look no further than your wallet for the final reason to make the switch! When you compare renting plastic moving boxes vs. buying new cardboard boxes or moving kits, it is cheaper to rent than buy.

So, when you add it all up, it makes sense to rent BlueCow Boxes™ for your next move! No tape. No trash. No mess. It's that simple. And if after all of this, if you still think you want cardboard, then click HERE for more info!

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