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5 Apps that could Help you Downsize before Moving Day

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Moving provides an excellent opportunity to downsize your stuff. When they are going to move, many individuals decide to get rid of a lot of their old clothing, furniture, or whatever would clutter their new home. Instead of just throwing things away when you move, you should consider trying to sell some of your used clothes and furniture. Here is a list of 5 apps that you could use to turn your unwanted items in cash.


The first app to help you sell your used items is one you have probably heard of before. eBay provides a great service and makes it easy to create listings and get rid of practically anything. If you decide to use eBay, you know you are using a trusted company that has assisted in millions of transactions online.

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This marketplace app is not as well known as eBay, but many people use it. OfferUp is designed to get rid of your used items fast. Some who have used it claim they have been able to get rid of their unwanted items with surprising ease.

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You may already know about Craigslist, but it is included in this list because it is one of the few apps that allow you to sell items with zero fees. Just list whatever you are trying to get rid of, and people will contact you to arrange the sale.

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This is another slightly lesser-known marketplace app, but Mercari is designed to be similar to Craigslist, but without needing to meet up in person with people. It is excellent for those who want to be able to get rid of items without needing to leave their home.

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Facebook Marketplace

The final option I will write about is one of the most popular. Facebook marketplace is easy to use, and you probably already have a Facebook account, so there is very little you have to do to get started. It is easy to get what you are trying to sell in front of many eyes with Facebook Marketplace, and you can meet up with the buyer in person or ship it to them.

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There are many options out there for selling used goods. This was meant to give you a few options and highlight the benefits of different apps. Hopefully, your move and your downsizing go as planned, and you can make a little extra cash from your unwanted items.


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