6 Tips that could Help you Prepare for your Move

Updated: Mar 13

Moving can be stressful, and it is more stressful when you feel unprepared. This article is designed to help you in your preparation for moving day. Here is a list of 6 things you need to consider in the weeks preceding your move

Have Extra Supplies

It’s important to have enough moving supplies from the beginning so that you don’t have to make extra trips to the home improvement store on moving day. If you are moving in Ankeny, we have an article designed to help you choose where to buy moving supplies. You can find that here. Another thing to remember is that most supply sellers will let you return anything you don’t use. Make sure before you purchase anything, but if you can get a full refund on unused supplies, then it makes sense to buy extra so that you have enough the first time.

Consider Downsizing

Another thing to help you prepare, and make moving day less stressful at the same time is to downsize your stuff. We all accumulate things over the years, and end up surprised at how much room our items take up. Moving provides a great opportunity to go through everything and determine what is essential to keep, and what is not. We have an article that is designed to help you get rid of extra items, if you are interested it can be found here.

Plan your Day, but don’t get Frustrated

There is value to having a schedule for your moving day, and an idea of how long certain parts of the day will take. However, it is nearly impossible to predict how long a moving job will take, even professional moving companies give a range for their estimates. The thing that is more valuable than having a schedule is being committed to not getting frustrated when things don’t go according to plan. Just remember that moving is temporary, and it is all worth it when you are settled into your new home.

Reserve Your Truck Early

A truck is the most important piece of moving equipment you can have access to. Without a moving truck, it would be very hard to accomplish your move even if it was a local/short distance move. For these reasons you will not regret getting a truck lined up early, not only does that check something off of your to-do list early, it also ensures that you will get a truck, even if you are moving during the time of year that they are in high demand.

Pack an “Overnight” Bag

As mentioned earlier, sometimes moving takes a lot longer than expected. A way to lower the stress of moving day is to have an overnight bag ready to go before the moving process starts. If you have an overnight bag, then you don’t need to worry about unpacking anything on moving day Instead the day can be focused on just getting into the new place, and unpacking can happen another time.

Consider Hiring a Moving Company

The final thing we would recommend to help prepare for moving (and lower stress) is to consider hiring a moving company. It’s not the right decision for everybody, but for many families it can save lots of time and stress. Also if you hire professionals you won’t have to take care of getting your own moving supplies, or your own truck rental.

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Hopefully this list of moving tips was a helpful resource in making decisions for your upcoming move. There are a lot of decisions to be made, and usually less time than you would like to make them, but it is a worthwhile process, because it is what allows you to make a new house your home!

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