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8 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Moving

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Moving day is an important day. It's hard to tell at the beginning of a moving day just how well it will go. With its years of moving experience, the College Moving Crew has compiled a list of common mistakes that people sometimes make when moving. Hopefully, this will help you avoid some of the common blunders.

Not Buying Enough Boxes

One of the most frequent mistakes we see is not having enough boxes. We even had an article that can help you figure out how many boxes you need. Click here to see it. It is tough to complete a move without having enough boxes. Generally speaking, it is safer to buy more boxes than you think you need because you can return the ones you don't use. If you end up needing all of them, you have saved yourself an extra trip to the home improvement store.

Trying to Do it All Yourself

It's hard to know how much you can handle by yourself. When you figure out that you can't move everything yourself, it's typically too late in the game to hire help. If there is any doubt that you will not be able to handle everything on your own, it would probably be wise to hire professionals.

(Check out this article designed to help you know when to hire professionals)

Packing Essential Items Too Soon

One of the most frustrating things during a move is packing up essential items too soon. You think you are getting ahead of the moving process by packing everything, but then you realize that you need to go back and unpack some boxes because the dishes are packed away, and you need to eat. What a hassle! Instead, leave out anything you think you might need the week before moving and the night before your move, pack up those extra items. It will save you a headache.

Not Allowing Enough Time for Your Move

It's challenging to estimate how long it will take to move from one home to another. Individuals often get optimistic about how long it's going to take to finish their move, but then they get discouraged because the move is longer than anticipated. Sometimes the optimistic estimates are accurate, but other times it takes much longer. Generally, it would be best to allow more time than you think you need because things can happen along the way that are out of your control.

Having a Plan for Pets

One thing that can slow you down on moving day is needing to make extra decisions. People often need to decide what they are going to do with their pets on moving day. Even well-behaved animals sometimes react poorly to strangers apparently stealing the furniture! Knowing where the pets will be can significantly lower the stress level on moving day and help your movers.

Not Being Packed Up by Moving Day

Moving day is much less stressful when everything is ready to go. Another common mistake people make is leaving too much box packing for moving day. It usually takes a lot longer to pack boxes than you would think. If all the boxes are ready to go right away when the moving trucks arrive, it can make the entire move quicker and less stressful.

Not Marking Boxes

Organization is the key to a smooth moving process. It may slow you down a little bit when you are packing boxes or loading the truck, but when you unload the truck and unpack, you will be so glad that you labeled the boxes well. (Don't forget to mark your boxes as fragile or heavy if applicable.) It is recommended that you write not only the room that the box should go in but also the types of items that are inside. If you need to find something fast, you don't need to open a bunch of boxes.

Renting a Truck that is too Small

Sometimes, it is tempting to try and rent the smallest truck possible to save a little money on moving day. Still, if you don't know what size truck to get, it may be better to go with the bigger option. Opting for the bigger truck may cost a little more upfront, but you don't want to be stuck making multiple trips in a small truck, especially if you are moving a long distance. (Check how this article designed to help you decide what size truck to rent)

Those are just a handful of commons mistakes that people make on moving day. If you are interested in further reading on the topic, check out this article!


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