Don’t Forget these Things Before Moving Day!

Updated: Mar 12

The process of moving can be a long and taxing process. It is easy to get bogged down in the mundane and time-consuming tasks such as cleaning, filling up boxes, and getting furniture ready to go. Along with those important tasks to accomplish before moving day, there are also tasks that are often overlooked, and instead done at the last minute. Look over this list before your moving day arrives to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything that could make your life easier.

Have a Plan for Meals

Many people get caught up in their work and forget to eat. The problem on moving day is that when you remember to eat you might find that all your food and dishes are packed away. It is important to have a meal plan in place before moving day starts. It could mean leaving out a few things that can be packed up at the end of your move, or it could be ordering a pizza and buying paper plates. Either way, once moving day is here, you will be glad that you had a meal plan in place.

Have a Plan for Pets

One thing often forgotten until moving day comes is what to do about your indoor pets. Many times on moving day the front door is left open for hours, and there are “strangers” in your house. For some animals, this is not a recipe for a quiet and safe moving day. Some solutions would be to have some pet-sitters lined up for moving day, or an enclosed area in the yard for the animals to be during the moving process. This isn’t is a big decision to make, but if you put it off until moving day, you may find a viable solution harder to come by.

Downsize Unneeded Clothes and Furniture

Moving provides a great opportunity to downsize your things. Oftentimes people will not realize how much they have accumulated since their last move, until moving day is already here. You probably don’t want to make any extra decisions on moving day, so I would advise taking the time beforehand to go through everything you own, and decide if you have anything you would like to donate, sell, or throw away before moving day arrives. (Check out this article designed to help you downsize!)

Let your Food Supply Drop

In the weeks preceding your move, it may be a good idea to lower the amount of groceries you pick up. This way when moving day comes around there will be less food that you need to either pack in coolers, or throw away. Another thing to consider (if it is an option for you) would be to eat at restaurants for a couple nights before moving day. This lowers the amount of grocery shopping you need to do, and it will help you be able to pack all of your dishes before moving day arrives.

Pack Essential Toiletries in an Easy to Find Location

There is nothing worse than thinking that the stress of moving day is over, and then realizing that you have no idea where you packed the toilet paper. Instead, I would recommend packing an “overnight bag” of sorts. So that you only have to do the unpacking that you want to do on your first night at the new place.

There is a lot to remember when it comes to your moving day. Just remember that nobody’s moving day goes exactly as they planned it, and it is okay if there are a few unexpected hurdles to figure out. Hopefully this list of things will help you be better prepared when your moving day finally does arrive.


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