How to Prepare a Television for Moving Day

Televisions come in all shapes and sizes. Many people have a TV, and chances are you have more than just one. On moving day, it can be stressful to keep fragile items safe, but fortunately there is a safe way to move TVs of all shapes and sizes. By following the instructions below, you will have a much greater chance at moving your TVs in a way that is safe and efficient.

What You’ll Need:

(Most of these items can be found at your local home improvement store)

  • Cardboard

  • A knife for cutting cardboard

  • Moving blankets

  • Plastic wrap

  • Bungee cords

  • Painters/masking tape

  • Someone to help

Item Preparation:

Step 1 : Cut cardboard to the size of the TV screen

  • After you have a sheet of cardboard that is the right size, attach it over the screen of your TV with painters tape

  • It’s okay if the cardboard is cut a little too big, you are just looking to completely cover the screen. Extra cardboard can either be trimmed, or folded around the edges of the TV

Step 2 : Wrapping

  • After the cardboard is secure, you need to wrap the TV in a moving blanket (or two) and plastic wrap

  • Drape a moving blanket over the television so that the front and back of the TV are completely covered, use multiple blankets if needed.

  • Slack can be folded neatly over the screen for an extra layer of protection

  • Once the blankets are in their proper position, apply plastic wrap to hold the blanket in place

  • You may need an assistant to help keep things in place while wrapping

  • At the end, the plastic wrap should be fairly tight

Transporting Your TV:

Step 3 : Make sure there is a clear path

  • Moving day can be hectic, make sure you have a clear walkway to the location your television will end up

Step 4 : Team carry

  • You should have 2 people carry your TV, especially if it is large

  • One person will walk backwards and one will walk forwards, make sure you go slow, and communicate if something is in the way

Step 5 : Securing Your TV

  • Once the TV is loaded in your vehicle, it is a good idea to use bungee straps so ensure that it cannot move

  • Usually it is safest to strap the TV so that it is upright

  • If the TV will be pressed against other items, place an extra moving blanket as padding between the TV and whatever is against it

Hopefully these pointers provide assistance to you as you attempt to safely prepare and transport your TV’s for your upcoming move. If you would like to hire some professional help, reach out to us at The College Moving Crew. We would love to assist you with any of your upcoming moving needs!

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Please use this information at your own risk, and be aware that if you decide to move on your own, CMC is not responsible for any damages or injuries.


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