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How we Protect your Property on Moving Day

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

At The College Moving Crew, we pride ourselves on the high level of care we provide for our customers and their property. We want to share the steps we take to ensure that your items and home are in the same condition before and after your moving day. Here is a list of specific steps we take to care for your items on moving day.

Covering your Door

One of the most vulnerable areas on moving day is the front door; every box and piece of furniture needs to come through it. That is why we use our door covers and a door jamb cover.

a pair of movers prepare a home for heavy foot traffic

We use Floor Runners in High Traffic Areas

Floor runners have proved to be a valuable tool for preserving the quality of the floor during moving day. There are many trips in and out, so the more traffic we keep on the floor runners, the less chance of causing wear and tear on your floor.

College Moving Crew movers carry a piece of furniture on a moving truck

We Apply a Moving Blanket and Wrap to your Furniture

Carrying items and loading up a truck is much safer when the items are wrapped in a blanket and wrap. The blanket serves to prevent scratches and scuffs on furniture. The plastic wrap keeps the blanket on, and it also prevents slipping and sliding while the items are loaded up in the truck.

We have Experienced Loaders who know how to Fill up the Truck Without Damaging Items

One opportunity for items to be damaged would be during the drive. This risk is diminished by our experienced loaders, who know how to fill a truck in a way that keeps all of the items in place and secure for the duration of the drive.

We Have a Lot of Experience Packing Fragile Items

It is understandable to be nervous when hiring someone to take care of transporting fragile property. We try to eliminate as much of the nervousness as possible by letting our customers observe all the precautions we take before moving a fragile item. Rest assured that our movers will not attempt to move anything they are not comfortable moving.

We are Fully Insured

Another way we protect your property is by having insurance to cover any accidental damage. We hope that the fact we are insured is reassuring to our customers.

Hopefully, with knowing how our process works, you can set your mind at ease if you decide to have us help with your move. Fill out a Free Estimate Form to determine approximately what your move would cost!


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