Our Top 3 Des Moines Restaurants

Updated: Mar 12

The College Moving Crew, while it is headquartered in Ankeny, exists to serve the entire state of Iowa. We end up doing business across all of Iowa, but a lot of it is concentrated in Des Moines and the greater Des Moines area. We have put together a short list of good restaurants in Des Moines that we think everyone should give a try if they haven’t already.

Flying Mango - Visit Website

The Flying Mango has been around since 1997. They are one of top rated restaurants in the state, and have a variety of food options on their menu. Everything from Cajun to BBQ to Caribbean is served (and catered) at the Flying Mango. A great option for a special night out!

Smokey D’s - Visit Website

If you want some undeniably good BBQ, Smokey D’s is the place for you. They have won multiple BBQ championships in their relatively short history. They have a few locations in the greater Des Moines area. Be careful though, it is unlikely that you will only want to eat there once.

Zombie Burger - Visit Website

Zombie Burger is a unique burger restaurant. They have a location in downtown Des Moines and in Jordan Creek. They have an enormous variety of burgers available, with zombie/apocalypse themed names, and ingredients you never thought you would enjoy on a burger. If you have a taste for trying new things, this is a must-visit restaurant for you!

Hopefully this short list of restaurants encourages you to try something new. If you are considering moving into, out of, or within Des Moines, we would love to assist you! You can get a Free Moving Estimate here!


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