What Size Truck do I Need for My Move?

Updated: Apr 9

One of the big decisions that you have to make when you are moving yourself is what size truck you will need to complete your move. It is hard to estimate the exact amount of space that all of your belongings will take up, but here are some considerations when deciding on truck size.

Does it all need to go in one trip?

If you are only moving a short distance and don’t mind making a couple of trips with the truck, there is very little pressure on which truck you pick. You may even find it easier to get around in a smaller one if you are moving in the city or have to park on the road instead of in the driveway.

Are you moving across the country?

If you are moving hundreds of miles away, you might as well get the largest size truck that your local rental company offers. It is not worth the hassle and stress of having to renting multiple moving vehicles.

Those considerations aside, here is the general guide to what size truck you will need. Not all truck companies have these exact sizes, but they are fairly standard:

12 ft truck- best for 1 bedroom and loft apartments without much to move

16 ft truck- best for 1-2 bedroom apartments and smaller 2 bedroom homes

22 ft truck- best for 3 bedroom apartments or 2 bedroom homes

26 ft truck- best for 3-5 bedroom homes

If you are still unsure on what truck to get, or if you want to hire professional help, feel free to reach out to The College Moving Crew, we would love to assist you with any of your moving needs! We would love to answer any questions you have concerning truck size too!


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