What to look for in a Moving Company

There are a lot of variables to consider when you decide to move. One of the decisions that you’ll have to make is whether you will do all the work yourself, or hire some professional help. If you do decide to hire professionals, then you have a lot of companies to choose from. This article is designed to help you decide what is valuable to you in a moving company, and to see if The College Moving Crew is a good match for your upcoming move.


You should never hire a moving company without insurance. Most moving companies are insured, and the ones that aren’t probably cannot afford to make it right if they cause damage your property. The College Moving Crew is fully insured, and we recommend asking anyone you consider hiring if they are insured as well


Price matters more to some people than it does to others, but nobody wants to pay more than they have to. Moving companies charge in different ways. Some offer quotes, and some offer estimates. Some charge a set fee for the entire job, and some charge by the hour. It is important to understand what you are getting into before you make a final decision. Here is a link to the Rates page for The College Moving Crew, we believe our prices will be competitive with any moving company in the State of Iowa.

The Right Services

There are many different types of moving services, before you choose a company you should make sure the services they offer are right for you. Some companies are better suited for local moving, and some specialize in long distance moving. Make sure to inquire about this before agreeing to hire a company to assist you. Here is a link to the services page on our website.


You probably aren’t interested in hiring individuals who have never helped anyone move before. When talking to moving companies on the phone (especially smaller ones) it is fair to ask them how approximately how many moves they have accomplished as an organization. This will prevent you from hiring inexperienced movers. You can also check the companies website for information like this.

Well Reviewed

It never hurts to see what other people are saying about the company you are considering hiring for your upcoming move. Reviews for most companies can be easily found online, if a company has a bad track record (or no reviews available) it may be wise think twice about hiring them. Here is a link to The College Moving Crew’s Testimonial page, you can find other reviews by looking us up on Google.

Professional and Friendly

Lastly, your probably aren’t interested in hiring people who aren’t professional and courteous. Hopefully you have some contact with the company you hire, either over the phone or in person, that way you can get a feel for how your moving day will go. Moving day can be stressful enough, hiring friendly people can make the day much smoother and more fun.

We, at The College Moving Crew, believe we fit the above criteria well, and you can visit our website or call us if you have any additional questions. Whether you hire us or not, we hope you have a great move, and low-stress experience.


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