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What to Pack in each Box Size

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Packing for your moving day is a lot of work, and it requires you to make a lot of important decisions. One thing that many people neglect to think about when they are putting their items into boxes is that the different moving boxes have different purposes. This article will help you know which of your items to put in each box so that your moving day can be as smooth and accident-free as possible.

Box Sizes

The actual dimensions of the following sizes can vary between different box suppliers. Still, these tips are just designed to help you think and do not necessarily depend on the exact dimensions of the box. Generally speaking, the following sizes will be close to the same volume no matter where you get them.

Small Boxes

Small Boxes are ideal for small heavy items. This is because if you put heavy items in a large box, it will be tough to carry, and it likely will not hold up. Some examples of things you may put in small boxes are dishes, silverware, toiletries, jewelry, books, and glassware. It is essential to have a good number of small boxes for your kitchen, especially, since many of those items are kitchen items.

Medium Boxes

Medium is the size you will probably be using the most during your packing experience. The reason is that these are the most versatile, they can hold a lot, without becoming too heavy, and they are used for clothes. Medium boxes are ideal for clothes, small kitchen appliances, pantry items, stuffed animals, small pillows, books that are too big for small boxes, and small lamps.

Large Boxes

Finally, we have large boxes. These will be ideal for the lightest items that you will be packing. You should be careful not to overfill these because there is enough room for them to get quite heavy. Large boxes are ideal for bedding, pillows, children’s toys, larger kitchen appliances, and pictures.

We hope that this article made you think of some things that you may not have when packing boxes. Just make sure that you buy plenty of them and use packing paper liberally. If you need assistance with either packing or moving, reach out to The College Moving Crew, we would love to be of service!


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