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Where can I Buy Moving Supplies in Ankeny, Iowa?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

The College Moving Crew is a moving company based in Ankeny, Iowa. Our goal is to assist as many people as possible with their move and with their preparation for moving day. One of the ways we assist in preparing for moving day is by offering packing services. For more information on that, click here. Another way we would like to help is by letting you know the best places you can purchase moving supplies if you decide to do the packing yourself.

Uhaul - Visit Website

Uhaul is an excellent resource for moving supplies, and they have two locations in Ankeny! They sell all the standard sizes of moving boxes, and they have specialized boxes for books and wardrobes. Along with all of the options for different types of boxes, they also sell kits of boxes for various home sizes to make it easier for you.

Click here to see all the moving supplies that Uhaul offers.

The Home Depot - Visit Website

Home Depot is another great place in Ankeny to purchase moving supplies. They offer similar products to Uhaul, and their website is straightforward. They also sell all the tools you may need for any furniture disassembly for your move.

Click here to see all the moving supplies that Home Depot offers.

The College Moving Crew - Visit Website

We offer moving supplies too but in a slightly different way. Instead of selling boxes and other packing supplies directly to you, we include them for free when you book us to help pack for your move. If you are considering getting some assistance with the packing for your upcoming move, we would love it if you considered us!

If you would like to see a description of our packing services click here

If you would like to fill out an estimate form for your upcoming move, click here

*Note: If you decide to purchase boxes yourself, this article may be of some assistance to you - How many boxes do I need?


If you haven’t received your Free Moving Estimate, Click Here!

Call or Text: (515) 444-8661


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