Why Hire Professional Box Packers?

Updated: Apr 8

There are a lot of things that need consideration when you decide to move. We have discussed in another article how to decide if you need to hire professional movers. That can be found here. This article is going to attempt to help you decide if you should also hire professional packers, who will then assist in in your move. We have identified a few reasons to consider using professional box packers for your upcoming move.

It Saves You Time

The most obvious, and most common, reason that people hire professional box packers is because it can save so much time. Normally when you are moving, your life is very busy. The rest of your life doesn’t stop, and you have many more time sensitive responsibilities to take care of. One way to shorten that list of time sensitive tasks is by hiring competent box packers that you can trust.

It’s Hard to Know how many Supplies you Need

Another reason you may want to consider letting someone else pack your items is because it can be such a hassle to determine the amount of moving supplies you need to buy. From boxes (of various sizes), to packing paper, to tape, to totes, to packing peanuts, to bubble wrap, there is a lot to consider when it comes to safely packing away your life. Fortunately, when you hire a moving company, they can provide all the supplies you are going to need. This could save you multiple trips to the local home improvement store.

It Can Make Moving Day Faster

It is tempting to think of moving day as an isolated event. In reality, there are a lot of things leading up to moving day which, if they are accomplished well, can lead to a much smoother experience when moving day actually arrives. At The College Moving Crew, we have found that when we do the box packing, the move generally happens faster than it otherwise would have. (Which could save you money in the long run)

A More Cohesive Experience

This point is similar to the previous one, but when the same people who pack you items also move them, it is generally faster and more safe than it otherwise would be. Your movers will already know which boxes are fragile and which ones are heavy, before moving day even starts. They can also position the boxes in strategic locations of your home, so that when moving day arrives they know exactly what to do. We believe that you will experience more cohesion between packing and moving when you hire a team to do them both.

Certainly there are times when it makes sense to do the box packing yourself, but hopefully these reasons help you decide whether you would like to hire professional box packers or not. If you would like to see an overview of The College Moving Crew’s Box Packing Service, you can see that here. No matter what you decide, we hope you have a great moving experience, and settle in to you new home quickly!


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